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Here at Destrola we have developed a philosophy that works counter to the traditional ways we have been taught. When growing up we are taught to focus down on one thing to get really good at it, so good that we become the leading force when it comes to that thing. Although this advice was good for when we were factory workers who only had singular tasks, in our modern day that advice has become obsolete.

The path of the Arcanist is one that celebrates our natural curiosity and leads us to explore the power behind our diverse interests and skills. To better understand this, we have created three core principles that guide the way we think about how we move forward.

What is an arcanist?

An arcanist refers to someone who decides to seek a broad understanding of knowledge and skills over a variety of disciplines and interests.

The title itself is inspired by fantasy and rpg, in particular looking towards the wizard architype. Usually Wizards are dedicated to studying a specific school of magic so they can understand and refine their skills to cast the most powerful magic possible. The arcanist however usually refers to a wizard that decides to instead study various schools of magic. Although they may never have the understanding that a wizards may have in any particular school of magic, they instead learn to combine the various schools to create new and more powerful spells that have never been discovered.

This mindset of exploring the combination of interests, curiosities and passions has proven to be one that leads to new innovations and insights that can help you forge new paths and opportunities that would have otherwise been ignored.

So if you are interested in moving away from the traditional way of moving forward then there are three core principles that you should follow.

Our core principles


The first principle is to explore your curiosities. We each have things that make us ask questions and want to know more, by exploring these avenues we gain knowledge and skills in varied topics that we pursue with a more driven motivation.


Once we have gained the varied skills and knowledge from these diverse topics our goal is to experiment with combining them to make unique and interesting results. We have found that in the pursuit of combining our knowledge this way that we discover results that can innovate and revolutionise the way we approach our work and the problems that we may face in new and exciting ways.


Finally our last principle is to educate others on our findings. We believe that if you are hoarding your knowledge as secrets then you are hurting not only yourself but everyone else that could have benefited from that knowledge. By helping educate others you gain a better understanding of your experiments and help build up the foundations for others to do the same in the future.

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