Exploring purpose through curiosity

To understand Destrola you must first understand the man behind the name

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Introducing Kurt

Unleashing Creativity and Driving Innovation

Kurt Johnston is a visionary artist and educator with over a decade of experience in digital design and technology. His early curiosity evolved into a professional pursuit of innovative storytelling and animation. Kurt’s commitment to integrating diverse knowledge into creative solutions defines his career. Having spent many years in a variety of roles, his embodiment of the arcanist philosophy has led him to gain experience in many fields, from animation to lecturing at Bond University.

A relentless pursuit

One of the core principles behind Kurt is that of following his curiosity. In doing so he has managed to experience a variety of roles, projects and skillsets that he continues to improve and use to help those he works with.

A dedication to education

Kurt's dedication to education; both for himself and for others, has led him to always be focused on the actions he takes and what can be learned from them. In doing so he has always been able to come to each new project with insights and knowledge from all he has done before.


Explore Kurt's Evolution

In understanding Kurt's journey, you can begin to understand how Destrola came to be.


Creating Destrola

In high school, Kurt spent a lot of time figuring out what some of his truth's and driving factors were. From creativity to dedicating himself fully to his curiosities. In this he began to structure these values under a branching family like structure, all of which fell under the core of balance. This balance then defined the path in front of him and was named Destrola.


Studying At Bond University

Following a career path of creativity and exploring new ways of combining his love of technology with his art, Kurt decided to study a bachelors of Interactive Media and Design at Bond University. In this degree he learned skills in various areas of design, film, advertising and evolving technologies such as 3D printing, Virtual Reality and AI.


Exploring Animation

While at the tail end of his degree, Kurt began to spend more time with animation. From making small personal projects to working with a company turning legal and compliance training into full fledged training modules, Kurt found a love of distilling information and insights through storytelling and compelling visual techniques that were no longer limited by the restrictions of reality.


Teaching At Bond University

At the age of 23 Kurt returned to Bond University, this time however as an educator instead of a student. He became the lead educator in many subjects related to the Interactive Media and Design degree, creating the subject curriculum and distilling his knowledge in both lectures and tutorials.


Destrola Was Reborn

Realising that the Destrola identity has fallen to the wayside, Kurt knew that he needed to leverage his experience and bring the knowledge and skills he had been honing back to help clients achieve unique solutions in a marketplace where many things look the same. In doing so he began to approach the industry differently and offering a service that caters to the full suite of creative solutions that brands would need while always experimenting with what is new.


Creating The Arcanist

Having spent a lot of time improving himself, Kurt decided to look back to the roots of the Destrola name and once again find the core values that he would continue to define his life by. This time however he knew that in order for it to hold true it needed to be simple; so following the values of exploring, experimenting and education, he used his love of fantasy and rpg's to craft the philosophy of the Arcanist which now acts as the driving force behind Destrola.

Kurt is an insightful designer, who asks the right questions, and can make sense of our clumsily explained requests. He has taken the time to understand who we are and what we are trying to achieve.

Renee S.

Team Lemonade

The branding and content you created were truly transformative, and helped to make this the biggest event we’ve ever had. The t-shirt and animation were huge hits and the increased engagement on social media was beyond what we could have hoped for. We can’t thank you enough for your talent and hard work.

Elaine J.

Night of Abilities

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