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I have had the pleasure of working with Kurt on multiple projects, In this time he has displayed a level of professionalism and talent that is rarely seen. I can easily recommend him to anyone looking for value for money and expertise in his field.




Kurt Johnston is a creative that found his passion in animation at a fairly young age.
Growing up he fell to sleep hearing stories his mother created every night, sparking a love for storytelling.
Pair this with incessant need to make things and it's easy to see where this passion started.

Before graduating from Bond University with a bachelor of Interactive Media and Design, Kurt had already gained employment as an animator at a startup in which he developed his skills in not just animation but a wide variety of things from client interaction to the inner workings of a business.

For the past 2 years he has further developed these skills as a freelancer, understanding his client's needs and helping them achieve the best results.


Kurt has produced numerous animations for me and the results have been fantastic. He has brilliant ideas, technical skills and is great to work with.



Regular Content

Kurt aims to create and upload new content on a regular basis on his Instagram.
Finding it helps keep his skills constantly developing it is a great way to see consistently new work and an understand how he ticks.


Recently he also started a Twitch livestream in which he shares his work and how he makes what he does.

The stream jumps around time wise according to when he has a project he can share the making process with.

He was creative and super efficient as we were on a tight deadline. He took on board feedback really well to develop the design to a new level.




If you have an idea you want animated or want to see what an animation could do for you Kurt would love for you to reach out!


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