Mindful Pathway

When looking into Mindful Pathway I saw that there was a feeling of calm and peacefulness being put forward. Because of this when the concept of animating the stones came up I thought of a scene where someone is sitting by a river and watching the ripples the said stones could make.

Once the ripple idea came into place I wanted to use it as a bridging connection to the logo itself as if the process of watching the ripples brought the viewer into a state of mindfulness.

Finally I wanted to keep the design grounded and found that adding the stroke effect to the word 'pathway' not only kept the human feel of hand writing something but also could call back to the river imagined at the beginning by flowing like water.


Night Of Abilities

This video was made as a background loop to play at a concert event displaying each performer.

The designs themselves were made seperately for social media posts. A few nights before the event however I decided to take those files and animate them as a seperate piece that could then be shared with people on the night.

The effect used of the ink like transitions blended well with the Gestalt inspired designs and left me with little to no issues in its creation.


Ethical Leadership

This was a project given to me based off of a script written by my boss at the time and inspired by Steve jobs' here's to the crazy ones.

This was one of the first full text videos I have done where each word is timed to a voiceover. One of the hardest things was actually finding a suitable background to both look good and not detract from the text animation.



This project was made as an intro video for a alpha version of a game, as you can see on my blog page this project was also a very rushed job. Namely the main problem was said time restraint.

That said since it was also an alpha the amount of resources was very limited. Although the amazing art that was completed given more time I would have spent more time with the artists to make them more optimised for animating.



Motion Graphic Reel

This was one of the most difficult things I have made, there are all these invisible rules as to making a good reel. To top it all off it is the thing that people will judge all your other work on.

With this said I wanted it to me more like a teaser than an instructional piece on all my work.

I'll let you be the judge.


Ethical Decision Making

This was a project I made at work that focuses around the concept of how we make our decisions.

The main challenge that appeared in this video was the process of making these concepts fit with the abstract style the video follows.


May the 4th

In celebration of the 4th of may (Star Wars Day) I decided to make something for my social media. I knew I wanted to have a dedication to the films and I realised that I had not yet had the trial of most VFX people have... The lightsaber.

The fun part about this task was the time limit I gave myself, that being 2 days. I knew that the animation was going to be minimal so I was able to spend majority of that time working on how the characters looked.