To start this whole project off I will share one of the pieces that has inspired me the most the past few years.

Urbance is one of my favourite pieces of media I have ever come across. This animation was made by SteamBot; a creative agency from montreal, that left me slack-jawed the first time I watched it.

The story synopsis is as follows:

In the crumbling inner city, gender wars are rising. Sex is prohibited because of a genetic deadly virus affecting the entire population since birth. Ruled by hate and anger, young men and women grow up apart from each other, forming rival gangs. To calm down their frustrations, they all gather in an underground nightclub: URBANCE. A no man's land where lost teenagers organize electrifying dance battles and drink illegal N-DORFIN, until the Mediators come in...

So after reading that and being aware that the content in this animation are slightly NSFW here is the pilot they made:

Assuming you have watched it at this point you can most likely understand why I love this piece. Story aside the design in this animation is some of my favourite ever, the urban hip hop inspired neon techno designs can easily leave you amazed in any frame.

I believe they are still working on making a full series and I cannot wait to see more from these guys.