Create a new brand

for a flooded industry

with an innovative look


Growing up and having to struggle with the systems in place to “support” her child with a disability, Elaine decided to create Team Lemonade to provide the service that she wished she wanted. The business however needed to stand out with a brand that was modern yet still playful enough to not fall into the general category of many of the government funded resources.

From the initial identity design to the various promotional materials, this campaign was focused on creating a brand that would both capture peoples attention but become a symbol of quality and care in the realm of disabilities.

Team Lemonade needed a visual identity that stood out from the competition of a very flooded market

To kick off the project, we engaged in a thorough discussion to establish Team Lemonade's key principles. These included the development of a unique identity, the identification of core values, and an evaluation of the company's desired state and how it could be achieved.

We ultimately decided to position them as a fresh, innovative company with a commitment to putting people first. They aim to be approachable and friendly, with a focus on creating a positive impact for their members. This "human-centric" approach is a central part of their creative vision and became a core aspect of their identity going forward.

Creating the identity

The first priority we wanted to work towards was creating a brand logo set that could be used in various formats. Keeping a simple modern approach in mind I believe the key to the logo was to incorporate a lemon of some sort that acted as a feature but didn’t look overly tacky. This then led me down a path of creating different variations to play with.

Once the simple outline piece was created, it started to define the rest of the logo and the theme for the rest of the branding. Keeping in line with this theme we decided to go with a clean wordmark logo for primary use that would also align itself well with the icon. When all was said and done we ended up with the following as the logo:

Sharing The Brand

With the general branding in place it was time to move into the connected marketing materials to be used. From simple business cards to brochures that act as the primary calling card; the next stages of design were all focused on keeping the branding in line with one another while giving each piece its own flair.

Capturing Attention

In the final stages of this branding however I was tasked with a job that I had never done before and that was magnet design and car wraps. Now I should preface the magnets were also for cars so they needed to be designed in a way so that there wouldn’t be an opportunity for the wind pressure to find purchase under any of it and send it flying off the car. This left me spending some time researching and experimenting on a smaller scale before the final designs.

For the full car wrap I got in contact with a professional to help give some insights to the design process. There was many lessons learned from how they would cut the design, how to incorporate areas like the door handles and how areas like the back window would need to bend the design so if you wanted it straight you would need to account for that in the designs themselves. When all was said and done we managed to finish with the following wrap.

“Kurt I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with this branding that you have done. Your eye for detail and complete freshness has lifted the name to a whole new professional level.
It’s so beautiful and I can’t wait to see these printed in all forms of advertising.”
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