To kick off here is my final project from the animation class.

The main idea was simply to make something that exploded into pieces. Slowly I developed the idea of this foreign robot that was exploring a new world and after looking at a few rocks finds himself meeting a high speed local transport.

This in itself brought apart a more problematic rigging experience, whereas a rig is meant to be stable I needed one that could also have everything fly apart. I achieved this through one main ik (inverse kinematics) designed arm and the rest grouped under a master control.

Since then I realise there were 2 main problems that could have easily been fixed.

1) The ground plane for shadows and the such is to low and by raising it up would have given a more accurate render.

2) The lighting option I went for (foreign metal) although might work for the robot could have been much better if I took a HDR or HDRI image of the set/sky the day of filming and used that as the light map within maya.



This idea sprouted from the concept of making a small animation about a post apocalyptic type setting where people have utilized old technology with alien elements in order to make hybrid designs. The story didn't get developed much past that so it never became a thing but I still really love how the turbike turned out. This piece would have been a smaller turbine scavenged and transformed into a bike powered by the alien artifacts.

The image shown was the type of custom look I was aiming for, more matte and muted with more impacting neon blasts here and there to differentiate the two opposing elements (human and alien) within the society. The render however was to show the internal structure and uses a transparent shell to do so.

One of the most challenging but enjoyable parts of this project was the net holding a sleeping bag. I wanted this bike to be used by a hunter type of person who never stays in one place for two long  so it made sense to have a net and sleeping bag. As you might see in the render after you turn wireframes on, the net was made with long cylinders combined together in a crosshatch. This was then individually moved by the vertex's to suit the desired shape. I most likely could have make a cloth simulation so I just had to deal with the corners but there was something enticing about making each piece fit where I wanted it to.



Whilst working for a company based on animating training for legal and compliance we recieved a training module from Rio Tinto that was to explain the concept of "be careful of you actions and what you are signing off on".

Because this company didn't deal in 3D animation up to this point I was given a go ahead to make a test piece to see whether or not it was feasible time wise to produce this type of animation. Up until this point the turnaround for our 2D animations were quick by any standard sometimes leaving us to make animations in under a day. With this known the fact that rendering 3D takes much longer then flat motion graphics we didn't pursue making any more after this.

The animation itself I wanted to make it seem like their sort of business building in which there was an action that caused a rube goldberg machine type of story leading you through the animation. This started with the signing of a document which was then the cause of the whole chain of events eventually leading to the sprinkler cleaning off the signature at the end.

In addition to the 3D there were also some compositing, animations and simulations completed in after effects.


After working at the company mentioned above for a year or two I developed my own style in motion graphics leading myself to move away from 3D animation leaning more towards a vector based workflow. The following work is from this time.


Mindful Pathway

When looking into Mindful Pathway I saw that there was a feeling of calm and peacefulness being put forward. Because of this when the concept of animating the stones came up I thought of a scene where someone is sitting by a river and watching the ripples the said stones could make.

Once the ripple idea came into place I wanted to use it as a bridging connection to the logo itself as if the process of watching the ripples brought the viewer into a state of mindfulness.

Finally I wanted to keep the design grounded and found that adding the stroke effect to the word 'pathway' not only kept the human feel of hand writing something but also could call back to the river imagined at the beginning by flowing like water.


Night Of Abilities

This video was made as a background loop to play at a concert event displaying each performer.

The designs themselves were made seperately for social media posts. A few nights before the event however I decided to take those files and animate them as a seperate piece that could then be shared with people on the night.

The effect used of the ink like transitions blended well with the Gestalt inspired designs and left me with little to no issues in its creation.


Motion Graphic Reel

This s a collection of older animations I put into a quick reel before I started freelancing.



During my freelancing I had more time to develop my own skills as well so I decided to start spending time with my illustration skills. This not only helped me imagine how a good composition worked but taught me a lot about anatomy, dynamic lighting and helped me further develop a style of my own.

With a few I also used 3D models in order to get a better grasp on how realistically the characters would be positioned in the image.

During the past few years I have also tried to constantly create things that although may not be as long or direct give me an opportunity to constantly learn new techniques and improve my skills. Most if not all of this type of work can be found on my Instagram: